SCF Event – Brexit: Roundtable on Impacts on Competition Law and Policy

On Tuesday 15 November 2016 the SCF hosted a Lite roundtable event on the impacts of Brexit on competition law and policy.

Current UK competition law and policy is modelled on that of the EU.  The central objective of EU competition law is to ensure undistorted competition within the EU Single Market.  Whilst Brexit is unlikely to require a wholesale re-write of UK competition law, it will require significant amendment both to the primary and secondary legislation and to the accompanying procedural rules and guidance.  It is also likely to have a significant impact on enforcement activity, both in terms of investigations by the competition authorities and on private competition litigation before the UK courts.

In this SCF-Lite session competition law experts discussed five key areas:

  • Anti-trust enforcement
  • Merger control
  • Market studies and investigations
  • Private competition litigation
  • State aid

We hope to publish a paper on this discussion shortly.